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       5400 Sevlievo, "Vasil Levski" High School
       гр. Севлиево; Ул "Гладстон" 22
       Директор: Тома Томев, тел. 0675/3 33 03
       Зам.- директор: Теодора Конова, тел. 0675/3 57 14


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The National Steering Committee (HERE!) with the participation of representatives of the Unions of Physicists, Chemists, Biologists and Mathematicians in Bulgaria and the Ministry of Education and Science organize the 7-th National "Science on Stage" Festival. It will be held from the 26-th to the 28-th of October 2018. For a sixth consecutive time its host will be the town of Sevlievo. The event will take place in "Vassil Levski" High School and for its organization a Local Organizing Committee is elected. (HERE!)
The seventh edition of the National "Science on Stage" Festival is a selection event for the teachers, who represent each country at the European Science on Stage festivals. The next European Science on Stage festival will take place from 31 October to 3 November 2019 in Cascais, Portugal, at the Estoril Congress Center.
Participants in the International Festival will be determined at the national festivals of countries that have a competitive nature.
The ultimate goal of Science on Stage is to improve science teaching thereby promoting a more scientifically literate population, and encouraging more schoolchildren to consider a career in science or engineering.






































The improvement of the quality of teaching is achieved by enabling science teachers to exchange teaching concepts and experience. In this way they are inspired and enthused to apply good practices and to introduce new methods of teaching natural sciences.
The main objective of the program "Science on Stage" is to raise the level of teaching science, which leads to a better scientifically educated society and directs more young people to careers in science, engineering and technology disciplines.
350 primary and secondary school teachers from 27 European countries, including Bulgaria, will have the opportunity to present their ideas and projects on stands, workshops, presentations and performances on stage that would allow teachers to show that physics, chemistry, biology and math can be interesting and useful.
The condition for this is that they are presented in an accessible and original way and to reveal possibilities and perspectives that science provides.
All projects presented at the festival represent inquiry-based learning approaches. Please allocate your project to one of the guiding themes:
       Science in Early Years
       Digital Literacy and Science Education
       Science Education for a Sustainable Development
       Astronomy and Space Exploration in Science Education
       Low-Cost and Recycled Science
       Inclusive Science
       Joint projects

Projects developed in cooperation between teachers from different countries, one of whom at least participated in a previous festival.

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