• SEVLIEVO         Freedom Square

  • SEVLIEVO         Clock Tower

  • SEVLIEVO         Bridge built by Nikola Ficheto

  • SEVLIEVO       Hadji Stoyanov school

  • SEVLIEVO      Renesans compound "Dandolovi houses"

  • SEVLIEVO         Church of the Holy Prophet Elijah


  • SEVLIEVO         House of Culture Mara Belcheva

  • SEVLIEVO         Image Gallery Brother's Peykovi

  • SEVLIEVO         City Park

  • SEVLIEVO         Celebration of the city

  • SEVLIEVO         Celebration of the city

  • SEVLIEVO         Medieval town Hotalich

  • SEVLIEVO         International motopolygon Gorna Rositsa

  • SEVLIEVO         Night view

24 - 26 OKTOBER 2014





Sevlievo is a center of a municipality in the Gabrovo region. The town is situated on main road E77, 190 km from Sofia, 280 km from Varna and 48 km from the town of Veliko Tarnovo. The municipality has 45 thousand citizens who live in 52 built-up areas, 25 thousand of which are situated in the town of Sevlievo.



Predecessor of today's town is the medeiaeval town Hotalich - comparatively big, with 4 quarters, two churches and mighty defensive stronghold, created in the end of Xth century on a high hill west of today's town place.
Hotalich has survived till the beginning of the XVIIth century when his functions of administrative center were taken by the town of Sevlievo.





During the Renaissance the occupation of the Bulgarian population was the treatment of hide, manufacturing of homespun, sewing and etc. In 1844 with resources of the big patriot Hadjii Stoian Nikolov was built the first school - one of the first in the country with its first teacher Petko R. Slaveykov. Vassil Levski created in Sevlievo in 1870 revolutional committee and during May 1876 the population from the montain villages of the town of Sevlievo is starting a revolt under the command of revolutionaries from the town. In continuation of 10 days there are revolts in which hundreds of men, women and children died, and eight of the leaders of the rebellion are hung on the central square in the town.
Furrier Workshop (Tabahana) Hadji Stoyanov school

The guests can sleep in 3 and 4 star hotels, to visit the historical, cultural and natural landmarks, to practise sport fishing and hunting, to visit competiotions of motocross on the most modern motor range in Europe.








"Sevlievo Plaza" Hotel


Hotel compound "Odesa"


Hotel compund "Rositsa"


Guest-house "Dan Kolov"


Hotel compund "Romantika"

    Guest-house "Balkan"  
"Sevlievo Plaza" Hotel